avochair review

Autonomous Avochair Review – Is it Ergonomic Enough?

When you search the net you’ll often see avochair dubbed as one of the best comfortable ergonomic chairs in the market. And it’s also known for its very affordable price. 

I think the avocado fruit was the inspiration in making this chair, hence the green color and the oval structure. So there’s a quirky fact there. 

I am not a sucker for an affordable price chair, but I am all in for one that can give you the best value for your money. So let’s see if the avochair really is one of the best comfortable ergonomic chairs.

The good of Avochair


One of the factors where this brand excels is in aesthetics. If you love the modern look of the Kinn the Myo chair, this avocado shaped chair will excite you even more. It veers away from the traditional tall to a mid-back office chair. 

It’s an oval-shaped chair made from an elastomeric mesh material. It looks rather different. The oval shape can add a certain charm to any space. It’s unique and it’s not every day you walk into an office with an office chair that resembles fruit.

It can also easily fit into a dorm or a small office space. As for the product height, it’s not too light nor too heavy, so it’s going to be easy to transfer it from one room to the other. 

Eco Friendly

The avochair is a greener option. Though the construction is all plastic, the majority of the chair is made from recyclable materials. All plastic materials are relative to an Autonomous chair, this is plastic that you would not be guilty of using. 


Most chairs of the brand are easy on the pocket. And the avochair is no exception.

Recline function

The recline function can be locked. So you can enjoy a relaxing downtime in between breaks. It’s also the same feature that I enjoyed with the Autonomous Kinn. The brand seems to have a knack for good relining features.

And it does have a little bounce at the back when you sit on it. The plastic pattern at the back has a little bit of giving to it. So you can push it back and it will recline a bit.  

Assembly and shipping

The Avochair came in almost completely assembled and it does not need any tools to complete the setup. You just need to connect the wheel to the base and slide the upper part of the chair. You will be able to complete the setup in 10-15 minutes tops. 

In addition, shipping is rather fast too. I also don’t have any gripes about the packaging. Though it isn’t extraordinary, just the basics. But it’s enough to protect the chair from scratches and dents while in transit. 

Just okay

Decently comfortable lumbar and padded armrest

The Avochair has lumbar support. Though it isn’t adjustable, it mimics the shape of your spine. It’s decent because you can sit on it for a few hours and won’t feel pain in the back. But then again, there’s nothing extraordinary about it. 

Adjustable seat height and armrest

The padded armrests and the seat height are also adjustable, so it can and provides you with the basic adjustments that you need from an ergonomic chair. And the seat height would not be able to go high enough for taller persons. So this chair is only for users who switch average weight and average size. 

The armrests are the same as what you can see in most basic ergonomic office chairs, it’s just a bit loose. So it felt like it would give away when used for a long time. 

It can be adjusted in 4 ways. But I did not categorize the armrests under the good features because it’s flimsy and looks cheap. 

Breathable mesh material

The breathable mesh material made this avocado shaped chair more comfortable with the additional airflow. Though the seat could have used a bit more cushion to make it comfortable. The mesh material on the base of the seat made it too firm for my liking. The mesh at the backseat works fine.

The bad of this office chair

One of the worst customer service

You would need all the patience that you have when dealing with refunds from the brand. If you’re going to request an RMA you have to wait for several weeks before they would act on it. You also have to do numerous follow-ups on their Twitter and Facebook accounts. That’s one way they’ll notice you. Overall, you have to wait for more than a month before a refund for your chair would be issued.

The seat flattens out easily

At first glance, you’d thought that the seat is properly cushioned because of the oval-shaped base. But it’s not. It’s actually paper-thin, much like a mesh material rather than a cushion. You can also see the screws through. And It easily flattens out after several days of use. If you weigh under 180 lbs, it might take longer to flatten out. But those who weigh 230 lbs and over can get frustrated. 

The thin cushion can flatten out in a day if you tend to be on the heavier side. You’ll then be left with a very thin cushion after several days of use. 

Also, the seat base can be too firm even for the first few days. And it will become more rigid as the base flattens out. So you might feel like you’re sitting on a flat wood or something like that.

And though the seat features a waterfall edge. It somehow defeats the purpose. A waterfall edge design is supposed to prevent the numbing of the legs. That’s why it has a sloped edge design. But In this chair, the waterfall design did no good to the chair. Because of the too firm and too rigid conversion, even the sloped edge of the seat, it still felt hard and uncomfortable.

Squeaky armrests

This is something you have to live with if you plan to continue using your avo chair. The armrests can really be noisy. For a brand new chair, it is a bit squeaky. Even if I have tightened everything, the armrests still made the same annoying noise.

All plastic construction

While the Avochair is a greener option. All plastic material can still be questionable for me. The caster wheels are also all plastic. And it does not have any metal reinforcement or whatsoever. It’s the same issue I encountered with the Kinn chair. So the durability is questionable. I’m not sure if the wheels would be able to hold up for too long, it seems that it can’t.

Plus, all the materials are sourced from China. That too made me question the overall quality of the chair. 

Can pinch the back

The part of the backseat where the nylon frame meets the mesh material digs a bit into your shoulders. Especially when you recline or when you push the chair back while seated, you can feel the pinching pain on your shoulders.

Avochair – Who Is it for

The entire chair may look modern and unique. But there’s little to be excited about the avochair. You get some of the basics, like the adjustable seat height and armrests. Except for the unique aesthetics and the recline function, everything else seems to be basic or mediocre.

One of the qualms is the base of the chair, it can be a rip-off. It then feels more like a lawn chair. So you might be enjoying a lawn chair with adjustable seat height and armrests. 

Albeit it’s affordable, you might not get the value of your money. It’s better to spend a bit more on an office chair so that you can enjoy the features.

The brand paid more attention to the design rather than the function and ergonomics when they made this chair. In terms of function, it’s inferior compared to the Myo and the Ergochair. 

So is it for you? You have to consider if you are fine with an all-mesh chair that has too firm support. This chair isn’t fit k for those who are taller or who weigh heavier. The overall construction of the chair is not the most durable. And the mesh seat can sink easily. 

It might work for you if you have shorter legs or a small frame. Just be sure to read through the cons so that you know what you’re in for. 

Final say

Comfortable? Not really. Ergonomic? Maybe, it has a few adjustable features but it didn’t make the chair stand out. Only a few percentages of the population might find this chair comfortable when used for a longer period.