Costco standing desk review

Costco standing desk – The Tresanti review

Is a standing desk from Costco good? The Tresanti tempered glass standing desk  looks quite promising. So let’s go on ahead and have a look at it. 

It had us at hello

Our first impression of the Tresanti Desk is that it’s this cute, eclectic style standing desk. We’re digging the sleek all-white ensemble. It looks well built and well polished. It’s a standing desk that the younger generation will want to use for their online schooling. Ah, what can we say it’s simple yet it rocks.

Well, it really would be because it also has this unique dry erase compatible glass top. So yes, this is a standing desk that will be suitable for online schooling and work as well. You don’t need extra scratch papers when you’re computing a problem for your algebra test, you can do the doodling right there on the desk! Sound’s crazy right? The white frosted glass isn’t all look, it acts as a whiteboard too. So that will help you save trees because you’ll be cutting down on paper use. 

You can also get the Tresanti standing desk in an all-black ensemble. But we are loving the clean and pristine all-white table a lot better. It will look crisp in an all-white home office with lots of greenery and indoor plants. That will make you all giddy and excited to wake up early and go to work! We instantly fell in love with this standing desk, needless to say.

Aesthetics is king when it comes to this standing desk. So it’s a 5 out of 5 for us. And since a standing desk can’t be all looks, let’s take a look at some of the features that you will be able to enjoy.

Lots of storage space

You can keep some of your gadgets, laptop, and some pens in the built-in drawer. And not only is it a single drawer, but it also offers three separate storage spaces. You’ve got the main compartment where you can store the bigger items such as a laptop. And there are also two smaller compartments for say, your charger, pens, and pencils. 

This desk makes it easier for you to get organized! 

Very modern 

Aside from the sleek glass tabletop, another future that we are really loving is the control panel of the desk. It’s not just a sleek metal thingy that is attached to one side of the desk. The control panel of the Tresanit desk is embedded onto the desk itself. So the readout will not be visible if it’s not in use. This makes the desk look seamless and more sophisticated. So it doesn’t have physical buttons. It instead makes use of glass buttons so that it may match the entire look of the desk. 

We felt that a lot of detail was put into making the desk, aesthetically speaking. There’s something about a glass tabletop standing desk that makes it more posh, such as the SHW and Comhar standing desks.

In addition, you can see 3 USB portals on the right side of the desks. It also has a button that you have to use to lock the desk at your preferred height. So it will not move accidentally.  

Overall build

For its price range, this is a sweet buy. The overall feel and build of the desk are pretty stable. The steel legs feel quite strong and are decently thick. You’d also feel the strength of the desk once it’s transitioning. It will not make any wobbles even if you set it to the highest 45 inches. And since you can lock the desk in place, you don’t have to worry that it will move on its own.

Some qualms

  1. There is a slight gap between the metal desks and the glass where you can do the doodling. This is not a huge concern, but that area can catch dirt and dust. 

2.And since the tabletop is glass, you will not be able to put a clamp base monitor arm. Otherwise, you can risk breaking the glass. So what you can use is a monitor mount that can sit on the desks.

But this gap also is not all evil. There’s still something good to it. The unit does not come with a cable management tray. So if you’re not going to buy a separate tray, you have to do with cable ties and straps. And that little gap there will help you organize your wires and cables better. You can easily sneak them into the gap. Thus the wires will be out of plain sight. 

  1. This desk is pretty heavy. With the durable and thick legs and the sturdy glass table and several metal parts of the desks, it is very heavy. While it’s easy to install the desk, those who are petite might need help in carrying it. And we have heard of users finding it difficult to return the desk because it’s just too tedious to carry. You have to bring the desk to the store to be able to return it. And that means carrying a heavy load.
  2. Customer care could have been better. Aside from customers making it difficult to make a return once they don’t find the desks suitable for them, you might not be able to talk to an agent if an issue arises. 
  3. The top is tempered glass, so there is still a risk of scratching. And since it’s still glass, you have to be careful about what you put on top and how you’re outing things on it. So if you’re clumsy and tend to drop things on your desk, you might have to think twice before buying this. 

Costco standing desk OVERALL

Costco standing desk

  1. It’s a gorgeous modern-looking staying desk that can make heads turn at the store. It’s great for work and online schooling as well
  2. The desk can go as high as 45 inches. So this can also accommodate taller users. And at the same time, it can go low enough even for kids to use. So it has a larger scope of users.
  3. Almost everything about the desk is ultra-modern. From the control panel to the glass tabletop, it’s seamless and you’d want to spend more time working. That’s the effect that it can give you. 
  4. It’s easy to assemble and it’s easy to clean too. The glass top does not trap in dirt, unlike other laminated standing desktops. You just wipe it off with a bit of water and a clean cloth.
  5. It is steady, stable, and transitions quietly. We did not experience any halts or stops with the motor. It goes straight up and straight down. 
  6. The desks have a lot of heft. And we mean a lot of metal parts. So this is really durable and sturdy. But of course, it comes with a responsibility, you have to bear a heavier weight when setting it up.
  7. Even though it’s heavy, it has a minimalistic profile. So it will not look bulky. It looks sleek and seamless instead.
  8. It has nice storage compartments, 3 of them. Though it’s not advisable to load a lot of things into the drawer, you can do it if you keep some of your things handy.
  9. The front edge of the desk is slightly curved. So that adds up a luxurious touch to the desk. And at the same time, makes it friendlier for your arms and wrists. And the edges are also a bit rounded, so that will prevent any scratching accidents. Well, this is a good thing because it’s glass. Sharp edges can cause injuries.
  10. The embedded control panel isn’t only gorgeous, it also includes a timer and 3 memory presets. So you can remind yourself when to stand up if you’ve been using the desk in a sitting position. 
  11. The Tresanti desk looks a lot like the Flexispot Comhar. Both have tempered glass tops and a built-in drawer. One of the differences is that the Tresanti features an embedded control panel which makes it look sleeker and more modern. The Comhar also has a safety lock that locks the desk in your appointed height. So even if your dog accidentally jumped into the table, it would not move. But you will be able to enjoy more memory height presets. 
  12. Compared to the Seville Airlift, the Tresanti offers more features. You’ll not find a timer with the Seville airlift standing desk. But like the Comhar desk, they look very similar to one another. 

Final Say

The Tresanti desk is a great option if you’re looking for a glass tabletop standing desk that can cater to more users. But keep in mind that even if the glass is durable, glass tabletops still have limitations and disadvantages compared to wood or laminate tabletops. You have to be careful not to bang anything into it. And yes, it can be used for online schooling because it can go low enough for kids. But only responsible teens or adolescents must be entrusted to use it alone.