secretlab titan vs ergochair 2

Secretlab Titan vs Ergochair | Office Gaming Chair showdown

A gaming chair versus an ergonomic chair? Can we make a viable comparison? Yes, we can. What makes the Secretlab Titan stand out from the sea of heavily padded gaming chairs is that they are comfortable despite not being heavily padded. And they can be pseudo office chairs too. Many people find the Titan a decent alternative for office chairs. If one craves the racy and gamey look and feel, then the TItan is the best gaming chair to use for your home office.

The Ergo Pro is also quite popular, this is formerly known as the Ergo 2. And it has an affordable price tag for a hefty set of adjustable features. It’s an all-mesh chair. So it seems like it’s the opposite with the Titan. 

So we’re going to pit the Secretlab Titan against the Autonomous Ergo Pro. This can be pretty interesting so stay tuned.

secretlab titan gaming chair

The unboxing and packaging

Let’s compare these two chairs on the first point of contact, the unboxing. 

The Ergo chair came in as how other affordable ergonomic office chairs would. It came in a plain cardboard box. It is however covered in double cardboard boxes and all the parts are neatly packaged and separated. So we did not have any complaints about it. It was decent so to speak.

But when the Secretlab Titan came in, we felt like a kid opening up a very big toy. And boy it is big and heavy. It had that surprise element that makes you all giddy to open the box up. The shiny black box is akin to opening your first big toy car. The brand gave so much attention to detail and you can see that even from the way it was packed.

You can also tell that a lot of care was put into the product, and you can also tell that the brand cared about their user’s experience more than Autonomous.

Assembly time

The setup time was the same for both chairs. The instructions on the setup were simple and laid out before our eyes. But the difference lies in the quality of the materials.

Once you lift every part of the Titan from the box, you can immediately tell that it is premium. Every part has a heftiness to it. So everything is durable. As for the Ergo  chair, being a budget chair, some parts felt flimsy and too light. Well, the Titan does cost a lot more than the Ergo chair.

We also had more fun setting up the Titan compared to the Ergo Pro. Guess we were excited about how the chair will look and feel, provided that everything seems to be so shiny and sleek. And we got the soft weave fabric, so we were intrigued by how this will look and feel afterward. So yeah, there is more excitement factor in the Titan chair. 

And oh, the exposed metal parts of the screws have some sort of plastic covering. And it is held in place by magnets. So you can see the very small attention to detail. Sometimes, it is the little things that give the most awe.  

Build and quality

Everything about the Titan is robust and well put together. All the attachments were connected well. And this chair can take a lot of use and abuse and still look pristine. 

The Ergo Pro, on the other hand, still feels decent. But this chair will not be able to outlast the Titan.

ergochair 2 ergonomic chair

To wrap up the bold and quality of the two chairs, the Titan is built for the bigger leagues. Well, it should be considering the price ranges. The Ergo, on the other hand, is not really a “you get what you pay for” kind of situation, it is in fairness, better than that. 

And oh, both chairs could do better if they had rolling blade wheels. It can make everything more fun. Though it doesn’t necessarily get stuck on the floors and the wheels do move around easily, rollerblade wheels will make it edgier. It’s already a thing in office chairs nowadays.

The Ergo Pro also has a slightly higher carrying limit compared to the Titan. But the Titan does feel more substantially stronger and more durable than the Autonomous chair. 

Comfort and sitting experience

The seat of the Autonomous Ergo is not that cushy, it’s medium to very firm. And some may find it too firm for their butt. The seat foam is not our favorite feature. It’s similar to other chairs that you can buy at Walmart or something. Though the mesh back and fared a bit better. But we also find that the headrest has a lot of give. The seat of the Ergo also feels a lot like IKEA. chairs. Only that, IKEA chairs are cheaper than Ergo  chairs. But you also get more adjustable features with the ergo 2 chair.

The Titan is very comfortable. The padding is lustrously soft and plush and the soft weave fabric that we choose is very indulging to the butt. It feels very nice to sit on.

Adjustable features

And this is the part where the Ergo Pro chair will have its winning streak. Since it’s an ergonomic chair, the Ergo office chair has more adaptable features compared to the Titan. Gaming chairs have had this reputation of lacking adjustable features. And the Titan fared better compared to its contemporaries, but it still lacks those adjustable features.

You will not be able to change the height of the lumbar support and the seat depth is fixed. You can, however, customize these with the Ergo. 

More issues

Let’s start with the major drawbacks of the Ergo Pro. One, though the chair was surrounded by double cardboard during transit, there’s this plastic part at the back that seems warped. The part that connects the back to the seat is a little scuffed. And many users have also had the same unfortunate experience. So it was not damaged from the shipping, there has to be poor quality control over the parts that go into the box.

The lack of adjustable features of the Titan is its weakest link. Well, after a, it is a gaming chair and not an ergonomic chair.


  1. The Ergo chair has more adjustable features. So it will work if you need to customize your comfort. But keep in mind that the support that the Ergo 2 chair provides is leaning towards the more firm one. So do not expect a soft seat and backrest. And sometimes, you can feel the plastic material underneath the mesh, if you are on the heavier side. That’s why even if the chair is rated to hold a heavier user compared to the Titan, we will not recommend it for those who are heavy. Also, the mesh is not of the best quality. So if you are heavier, it can sag too soon. And you will not really like the way the seat feels if you are heavy. You will feel like you’re sitting on concrete slabs. So this is a decent chair for those of average weight. But it can also be used by taller people, provided that they don’t weigh that much. The chair can also go high enough to accommodate taller users.
  2. The Titan, on the other hand, lacks adjustable features. But it is extremely comfortable if you fit onto the chair. The seat material and the cushion are dreamy. Build and construction-wise, it’s better with the Titan. Despite it having a lower weight capacity than the Ergo Pro, it feels more durable. So if you fit into the Titan, then it is a better option for you. Otherwise, you will need something with more adjustable features, because the Titan either fits you or it doesn’t. There is no way around it. Also, the Titan has a higher backrest and decently wide dimensions, so the tall and heavy will be able to find their comfortable spot in this chair. But that’s provided that you fit into it. Meaning your need for lumbar support is not that of special concern. Because you will not be getting many adjustable features with Titan.
  3. Those with back issues will find the Ergo chair more comfortable. Though the Titan is softer, it lacks the feature that can provide a better seating experience for those with back issues. If you have back pain, you need a more ergonomic chair so that you can last for the entire day sitting on it. 
  4. Also, the Titan doesn’t seem to be the most comfortable for petite users. You might find your legs hanging from the front edge of the seat. The Ergo Pro, on the other hand, has an adjustable seat depth. So if you are petite, you can somehow find a way around it.